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Worry Wise Kids (9-13 years)

Introducing the WORRY WISE KIDS GROUP Forming now!! SIgn UP Now!

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The Worry Wise Kids Group is forming now! Reserve your Child's Space!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, anxiety is the number one mental health problem facing kids today affecting approximately 8% of children age 3-17 years old. ₁   Working as a former school social worker, I routinely observed children struggling with anxiety that impacted their social relationships, academic performance and mental well-being. I also had the opportunity to observed the power of groups. Although individual therapy for children can be very beneficial and has it's place,  group therapy can be just as effective or even more effective as children tend to learn best from other children.  Within the safety of the group, children learned that they were not alone in their thoughts and feelings.   They were able to try out new roles and behaviors. This resulted in learning valuable social and emotional skills, and increased feelings of self-acceptance, self-confidence, as well as, the development of resiliency. Be proactive as your child's parent and prepare them to meet the myriad of stressors that are inherent in their social worlds.  Your child deserves and will benefit from the powerful experience of group therapy!

Worry Wise is an interactive, engaging therapeutic small group of 3-8 children, aged 9-13 years that will run for 16 weeks.  It is based on the empirically supported treatment of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to teach your child how to recognize and understand their emotional and physical reactions to anxiety, understand their thoughts and feelings in anxious situations, and develop a coping plan that can be self-evaluated and self-reinforced. Parents will be an important part of the process as well and will need to attend two of the 16 group sessions while kids take a break. An intake session will also be required with just the parent and child prior to starting group. The purpose of this session will be determine appropriateness for the group process and determine any other treatment needs. 

Group therapy is covered by insurance, but self-pay options are available based on your ability to pay if you don't have insurance. In-Network Insurance plans are Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna and Cigna.   If your insurance plan is out of network, a form will be provided that you can send in to your insurance company for you to obtain reimbursement. 

New Groups start on the first Saturday of each month and run from 1 pm - 3pm. 

Don’t Delay as Sessions May Fill Up Quickly!  


Call Today at 815-313-4161 or email


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Sisters' Circle:  Theme: Our Relationships.

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Join our Sisters' Circle for connections, support and wisdom during a time of transition in your life or just to make connections with other women.   Sister Circles creates a safe space for women to come together, share our stories and learn from each other.  Women will find healing, empowerment and personal growth.   Join us for the next transformational experience within the Sister Circle. 


Groups are forming now and meet on Saturdays from 9 am - 11 am.  There is only room for ten women to participate at a time, so reserve your spot by emailing    This event is free, but cash donations and a donation in kind is encouraged of hygeine items for homeless women and children in Will County, Illinois. Click here for upcoming details of the next Sister Circle.