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Family Therapy & Couples Counseling

Our family shapes who we are and has a profound impact on how we get along in our personal relationships.  Our family provides a foundation, but the members within a family can together improve family life and establish new traditions, ways to get along and ways to cope with stressful or traumatic events together. ​  These early interactions in our family of origin can go on to influence our adult relationships. Often, we find ourselves unconsciously seeking out partners to recreate those early interactions in an effort to find healing. However, without professional help this may often end in futile attempts to change our partners or on the other hand, accept abusive behavior.  Working with a therapist can help bring these unconscious patterns to light and help you find new ways to interact with your partner that are healthy and productive.   Also, if your partner is not ready to join you, you can work on these yourself.   Oftentimes, this will motivate a reluctant partner to join you when changes begin occurring. I have helped many couples and families improve their relationships and I can help you!    The first step is reaching out for help. It is important to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with. I work hard to create a safe place to explore and discuss these issues.  I will help you create a plan to improve your relationship. 

Families today are feeling stressed more than ever with two parents working full-time, financial strain, busy schedules, parenting, and the stress of technology.  As your family therapist, I will work to address specific issues and past events in your family that are impacting family life and the mental health of family members.  I can address a wide range of difficulties and mental health conditions including depression, marital problems, anxiety, individual psychological problems, and child-parent problems. I can teach you skills to improve your relationships such as improving your ability to communicate, understand emotions better, express emotions in healthy ways and improve your daily family life. I have helped couples improve their relationship, and blended families learn ways to get along and adjust to all of the new changes they face. I can also help families cope with loss, grief and trauma.

I work from a Family Systems and Attachment Based approach, but incorporate other modalities, such as an Emotion Focused approach, the Gottman Method, and Cognitive Behavioral strategies depending on the needs of the family.  When I begin working with the family system, I sometimes will create a genogram, which is a pictorial representation of your family’s history and the relationships within the family. By interviewing each member of the family and creating the genogram, we can begin to see patterns, past events and issues that are impacting the well-being of the family, as well as, uncovering how mental health issues might be playing a role in disrupting family life today.

Couples Counseling or Marriage Counseling

While working in couples therapy, we will work on building a "Sound Relationship House" (Gottman  by restoring trust and commitment, and teaching you the skills to regulate your emotions, communicate your feelings, needs, wishes and desires. You will also learn to compromising through conflict and restore or build a friendship from a relationship that has been worn thin by years of conflict and communication difficulties or that never got off on the right path.  Finally, we will create shared meaning and find ways to make life dreams and aspirations come true. 

Family Counseling or Relationship Counseling

In working within the family system, we will be working with your family relationships on improving boundaries and helping family members work on their identified goals.  Also, we will be exploring how each family member thinks, feels and copes and any “schemas” or “life scripts”  or emotions that impact interactions within the family.   We will work to resolve maladaptive communication patterns and  learn ways to manage conflict. We will work to improve daily family routines and interactions. We will look at the ways intergenerational patterns or loss has impacted your family and discover new ways to modify and change these old, unwanted patterns and heal past hurts to discover new patterns of relating that will bring your family closer together.