Educational Consulting & Advocacy


Lori Gehrke, Ph.D  

Educational Consultant & Advocate

Areas of expertise include ADHD, Reading Difficulties and Disabilities, ELL Reading, 504 plans, NCAA, and Educational Assessment Analysis and Understanding of Test Scores and Resulets.


Lori Gehrke, Ph.D. is an Illinois State Certified Teacher and Administrator in Primary Education. She holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master’s degree in Administration, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with specialties in School Law and Policy, Educational Assessment, and Educational Programming.


During her 28 years of experience in education,  Lori has advocated for all children to receive equitable programming and services that meet their unique needs and to prepare them for their future.  She implemented a continuum of services and programs across Regular Education, English Language Learners, and Special Education focusing on intervention programming for students demonstrating reading difficulties and disabilities.  In addition, she developed a comprehensive assessment system designed to measure catch up growth of students in the bottom 25% with a protocol used for identification of special education services. The outcomes of implementation significantly increased student achievement in students as evidenced on state and local assessment results.


Lori works to improve educator understanding of the characteristics of students with ADHD.  As a parent of a child with ADHD and an IEP, she advocated to ensure that her son was provided appropriate NCAA approved courses in high school that would help him achieve his goals of attending college to play Division 1 baseball. After careful planning, communication, collaboration, and persistence she was successful in obtaining an appropriate schedule that helped him prepare for his future beyond high school. Knowing that she helped contribute to a positive solution to a problem that was discovered in his current program was rewarding and gave her a sense of accomplishment.   She now utilizes her in depth knowledge of how educational systems work and her own personal experiences to help others in the same way.


Lori is a member of Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Council of Parents, Attorney’s and Advocates, and is a listed provider in the Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Kids.