Counseling in Plainfield & Naperville, IL
Counseling in Plainfield & Naperville, IL
The Family Meeting

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Just like in the workplace, your family “culture” is important.   When I say “culture”, I mean the overall mood or feeling. Does your family provide a source of love and belonging? Do your family members support each other during tough times?

From the Heart

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Listen for Your Child's (& Partner's) Feelings​​

Counseling & Education Services in Plainfield & Naperville, IL


Is your child having difficulty coping with their feelings? Maybe he holds his feelings in until he gets sick, or maybe he explodes and can't calm down. Maybe she says things, like " I wish I were dead,"  or " I hate you." As a parent, these statements and behaviors are alarming and may be a sign that your child needs professional help.  Perhaps your child is having behavior problems at school or home.  Maybe the school has called you with concerns.  Or perhaps, your child is having trouble making friends or having trouble with a bully.  Maybe your child is not motivated to completing school work. Or, suddenly your tween or teen has started hanging out with a new group of friends that has you concerned.   Maybe your child has suffered a loss or has been a victim of abuse.  Or perhaps you are going through a divorce and you worry about your child's adjustment. These are some of the problems I can help you and your child with. I can help you explore options available to you, including medication or obtaining other evaluations, as well.  I will support you every step of the way, so that you will feel more confident and know you are doing the best to care for and nurture your child's development. 

Have you recently experienced a loss or going through a divorce? Maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed, down or stressed and you don't know why.   Or maybe you are fighting with your partner or family more. Maybe you don't feel happy or satisfied.  Maybe you just don't know your purpose in life and feel like giving up. Therapy can improve your ability to cope with life's stressors and changes, boost your self-confidence, improve your relationships, or help you reach personal goals. Therapy can heal your hurting heart, so that you can feel hopeful and happy once again.  Also, family or couples therapy can improve your family's functioning or increase satisfaction in your relationships. I can help you develop the skills necessary for fulfilling relationships. I provide a safe and nurturing place, so that you can find your way to a fulfilling and productive life.

​Mindful Parenting

Thursday, June 02, 2023


4 Ways to Stay Calm and In Control.

A New Day Family Counseling Plainfield Illinois believes in healing individuals and the whole family. Our family relationships are the most important human connection we have and have the power to hurt or heal us. We take a collaborative, family-centered approach and use brief, solution-focused and evidence-based treatment methods. Our therapists listen deeply, empathically and non-judgmentally and seek to understand your feelings and beliefs to help create a new and empowering story about who you are. We teach you how to identify old, limiting beliefs that interfere with your relationships, your sense of purpose, and inner peace. We work on healing that unhealthy relationship with yourself so that you may embrace a new one that is whole, genuine, and resilient. And, we work on restoring your family relationships with authentic, safe and healing communication, teaching the art of compromise, and restore bonding and attachment that has been challenged by difficult times, loss, trauma, emotional injuries, addiction and mental health issues.

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